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Small Batch PCB Assembly Service

Have you ever looked into PCB manufacture or assembly services and felt in over your head?  In the world of electronics where 10-1,000 is considered “small quantities”, we’re the missing link for PCB assembly and production.  We handle through-hole and surface mount assembly down to 0402 size components.

After years spent designing and assembling circuit boards for contract work as AE Innovations, I saw how few options there were for people who need small quantities (tens or hundreds, not thousands) and decided to offer a service for small batch assembly.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta we’re servicing Canada to get your boards made and in your hands Quickly and Economically. With us you can iterate your design faster than ever before, and once you’re happy with the results – you can send your design files straight to your own manufacturer to get them made in volume, or leave it in our hands and we’ll take care of it all for you – including parts and assembly – right here in Canada!


Cost depends on number of boards, how many parts are on each board, and whether the parts are on one or both sides.  Our current prices are:

Job Setup: $75 ($25 if fewer than 24 boards)
Assembly Cost Per Board: 
 $2.03 if the board needs parts mounted on ONE side
 $4.66 if the board needs parts mounted on BOTH sides
 $0.36 for each through-hole component (1 or 2 leads, e.g. resistors, LEDs, etc.) on the board
 $0.62 for each large through-hole component (3+ leads, e.g. pin headers, transistors, DIPs, etc.)
 $0.19 for each SMD component (1 or 2 leads, e.g. resistors, LEDs, etc.) minimum size 0402
 $0.28 for each large SMD component (3+ leads)
Shipping: $19 flat rate anywhere in Canada, or Free Local Pickup.

Costs above is for assembly only.  If you require your boards manufactured and your parts sourced, we offer that at a reasonable added cost.  We also offer functional testing and part programming services.


For fastest turnaround of jobs we ask that you provide both the parts and the blank boards, but if needed we can source either or both for you at a reasonable cost.

For a quote, email